LOGISTIQ is a state of the art system that allows tenants to move their storage from almost anywhere in the building to anywhere else in the building seamlessly. The system stores all your storage in a central location and then on demand moves storage boxes to convenient locations where they can be accessed and then sent back.


  • Up to 8 30cm*40cm*50cm boxes and up to 4 30cm*40cm*100cm boxes per person for storage
  • Ability to move boxes around the building from terminals or even from an app
  • Scheduling allowing LOGISTIQ to work seamlessly around your life

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Interface and Use Cases

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App Concept


untitled.18DEEP STORAGE

DEEP STORAGE is where you can put all the things you  aren’t using all that often, but still need to hold on to, such as off-seasonal clothing, sentimental items, or excess storage that isn’t as necessary enough to include with your main storage system.


  • Safe, Secure, out of the way, Space for all the things that you need to hold on to but don’t need right away
  • Still Accessible using the storage system and convenient when it needs to be, but can be closed and out of the way at other times




FACADE is composed of smart glass on concrete structure. It intelligently detects where the sun is, its brightness, and the building’s temperature and makes the corresponding portion of the window opaque or clear based on this information. This allows the Urban Courtyard to maintain a pleasant atmosphere at all times.

PLAZA is a multi-purpose space, which can be used for activities such as tai chi, Yoga, Pilates or even as just a pleasant area to relax.

  • FACADE is a smart skin for the building, that intelligently changes in order to facilitate the climate and conditions inside the building
  • PLAZA is a exible space for activities, it can be booked by groups but if it’s free can be used by anyone to relax or use for whatever they desire.


untitled.19Other Services

LAUNDRY Offers a service to clean, iron and fold clothes as well as work with nearby businesses to offer other services such as dry cleaning and repairs to tenants. LOBBY allows tenants to invite guests into the building, access their LOGISTIQ system, and sorts and delivers mail right into your personal storage.

  • A helpful and convenient service for washing, drying and folding clothes, as well as more specialised tasks through surrounding businesses.
  • A system allowing easy access to LOGISTIQ as you arrive or before you leave the building, as well as a system for inviting in guests, and a service for delivering mail conveniently.