POD is your own personal space for relaxation, meditation and sleep. It has been designed around creating a closed off private and very personal space. In POD you can block off the outside world and relax.


  • Individual spaces for singles, couples, and small families
  • Comfortable sleeping and meditation space
  • Individual and customisable lighting, sound, and climate control systems
  • Acoustically isolating and private


A peaceful space with greenery and seating, as well as a fish pond and a number of hydroponic vertical farm planters, allowing patrons to use them to grow a number of small vegetables and herbs for consumption.


  • Pleasant seating space
  • Gardens
  • A fish pond, that supplies nutrients for aquaponic system
  • Vertical farm planters for growing a range of vegetables and herbs


KITCHEN allows tenants to put together delicious meals and snacks. KITCHEN has multiple fully featured cooking stations providing a huge range of possible dishes. KITCHEN also features a fully stocked walk in pantry and fridge and a freezer allowing tenants to purchase ingredients at KITCHEN or order them using their phones.


  • Fully featured cooking stations
  • Dish-washing and cleaning station
  • Walk in pantry and fridge, and a freezer
  • Groceries service
  • Works great with LOGISTIQ as well as AGRIGARDEN


THEATRE is a wonderful home theatre cinema space allowing tenants to enjoy their favourite movies, TV shows, or any of their own visual media on a large high definition screen. THEATRE would allow tenants to attach their own media devices such as computers, or use one of a selection of included media providers such as Netflix or Youtube.


  • Large screen and surround sound, supporting a range of formats and inputs
  • Bookable space allowing tenants to conveniently book times to use the space, avoiding conflicts. Events such as popular show release times, and special live TV events may be pre-booked for everyone.
  • Noise isolated space with comfortable seating allow for a pleasant entertainment space.


WORKSPACE provides a comfortable healthy environment for tenants as well as guests to complete work, conduct meetings, check email, browse the internet, or even just read a book with a cup of coffee.


  • Meeting spaces and large tables.
  • Individual workspaces
  • Fixed line fibre internet access (Ethernet)
  • Projectors and presentation space
  • Tea and coffee station
  • Easy access to LOGISTIQ storage system